During this year 2006, Elective Ghana took time to snap some pictures of our students, feel free and see what happened

Foreign Elective Students Who Participate In Various Programs During The Year 2007

During 2008 the number of medical students increased, view what happened during that year.

Volunteers Who visited Ghana to participate in their respective medial elective fields during the current year 2009

2010 brought interesting students around the world and others learnt different cultures from each other

Elective Students starting showing more interest in our program and membership started growing, check out some few shot

We offer group tour to students, university students, clubs or any group of persons who want to explore the country

Ready to step into Ghana, our representative will welcome any visitor at the kotoka international airport, accra

Students who are housed in one of our hostels took time show the world that others are missing right here in Ghana

Some students are hosted by family members within the country, here's the shot

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